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Home Energy Audit

ED3 is now offering our Customers a discounted Home Performance Energy Audit for only $49.00 (normally a $400 value). Just contact one of the program’s certified contractors below and let them know you are interested in receiving your comprehensive home energy audit today. They will schedule with you a time to inspect your home and present you with a home energy assessment tailored to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Improving the energy performance of your home benefits you in many ways, such as:


• Helping you decrease your energy usage

• Identifying and correcting problem areas within your home

• Improving the health and safety of your family

• Helping you lower your energy bills

• Increasing your overall comfort in your home

Contractor Name Point of Contact Contact Number
AZ Renewable Energy Measures LLC Bonne DeKavallas 480-390-8060
Envy Homes Justin Spence 480-719-3594
FOR Energy Sean McGraw 480-699-1481
Complete Energy Solutions Rick Fairburn 480-479-6145
Power Down America Pat Farrell 480-326-9086