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Electronic Protection

Protect your electronic and other sensitive equipment from damage with a good surge suppressor. Strong winds and lightning can cause power fluctuations. These fluctuations can easily damage appliances like computers, copy/fax machines, TVs, VCR/DVD players and stereos. Electrical District No. 3 recommends surge protectors or UPS battery back ups to reduce power surges and spikes to electronic equipment.

Protecting Electronics

Lightning strikes, downed power lines and even the switching on and off of your air conditioner can create problems in your electric wiring.

Often, the unnoticed, ongoing disturbances are the worst offenders. Over time, these small disturbances damage the delicate integrated circuits that are in today's electronic equipment and applicances. This could lead to costly repairs, loss of important computer data or destruction of equipment.

ED3's Recommendation

The best solution for most customers combines indoor plug-in surge suppressors (to handle the faster, less powerful disturbances), and a powerful surge protector installed at the electric service panel (which can absorb dramatic bursts of power). This comprehensive combination protects against most power disturbances. For computer or other related technology, UPS battery back ups are suggested.


Most power problems can be eliminated with proper wiring and grounding. Avoiding circuit overloads can also reduce problems. Even one large appliance on the same circuit as your computer or other equipment can produce damaging spikes or surges when the appliance is turned on or off.

If you have doubts about your wiring, please call a general electrical contractor.

Circuit Breakers and Equipment Protection

Circuit breakers are designed to protect against overloads or short circuits, but their reaction time is simply not quick enough to protect against power spikes or surges.

A surge suppressor, on the other hand, is activated within nanoseconds, a nearly immeasurably small amount of time.

Impact of Surges on Equipment Not In Use

Many electrical devices have electronic timers, clocks or remote controls (TVs, VCRs/DVD players, & Stereos) that continue working even when not in use. Also, some appliances cycle off and on at random (air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators) and could be on during a power surge.

Surge Protection

Surge suppressors protect equipment by reducing power surges and spikes to a level that can't damage electronic equipment. Many of these look like the power strips that you can buy in a retail store for a few dollars. However, only high quality surge suppressors offer reliable protection for years.

Surge protectors are devices designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment in your home or office. Strong winds and dangerous lightning associated with Arizona's monsoon storms can damage appliances like computers, copiers and fax machines.

TVs, VCRs/DVD players, stereos, CD player's and other appliances that use microprocessors can be rendered useless due to power surges created by falling trees, wind damaged power lines and dangerous lightning strikes.

To protect your entire home/office we suggest using high performance surge protectors. These devices are hardwired into your service entrance panel by a licensed electrician.

To find the name and phone number of a licensed electrician, please refer to your local yellow pages.

Should you have a power quality question or other power supply questions, please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative at 520-424-9021.