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E-Bill Sign Up

If you wish to sign up to receive paperless bills, please email customer service at the below email. Please include account number, account name, service address and the designated email address that you would like for billings statements to be sent to. Thank you.



New Service Agreement



ED3 uses your annual energy usage for the previous year with the current rate to calculate your monthly payment amount.

Any changes in District rates will be reflected in your monthly payment amount.

Your account will continue to be charged for the actual amount of energy used and the monthly payment amount will be adjusted quarterly to continue to more evenly spread the costs of your power usage.

Quarterly reviews will be done in January, April, July and October. For Budget Plans

Account reconciliation will take place each year in October and upon closing of the account. For Budget Plans

Monthly statements will continue to be sent to you so you can monitor your energy usage.

You will remain responsible for the costs of your actual usage and this plan will spread these costs throughout the year.


Your account must be paid up to date and you can enroll in either Program at any time of year.

No delinquent account balances currently on account or returned check payments within the last twelve (12) months.

There cannot be any interruptions to your service due to non-payment.

Customer cannot be on any current payment plan (i.e., assistance with delinquent amounts).

Full payment must be received on time every month. Re-occurring Payment Method Suggested.

Discontinuation policies will remain the same as other standard residential services, and if late payments become re-occurring, the District may remove the customer from either Payment Plan Program.

I agree to that information provide is correct to the best of my ability: